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Details about our therapist

Maya Mihaylova

Beauty & Spa Therapist

Maya has 12 years' experience working as a beautician and has experience in: Massages, body treatments, facial treatments, electrotherapy treatments, IPL treatments, eyebrow shaping and eyelash extensions, waxing.

Education: Physiotherapist, Batchelor's and Master's degree in Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy, Medical University – Sofia.

Certificates: Facial and Body techniques /essential and advanced/ thalassotherapy and marine care, professional eyelash extension.

Price List

Swedish, Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Reflexology
30 Minutes £25
45 Minutes £35
60 Minutes £40
90 Minutes £58
Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask and Moisturiser
30 Minutes £25
Cleanse, Exfoliation, Massage, Mask and Moisturiser
60 Minutes £40
Eyebrows (Tweezers) £8
Full leg £22 / £27 (Men)
Half leg £15
Full arm £15 / £20 (Men)
Underarm £8 / £10 (Men)
Bikini line £12
Brazilian £15
Hollywood £18
Lip / Chin £5
Lip & Chin £8
Chest / Abdomen £14
Chest & Abdomen £25
Back & Shoulders £25

Treatment Types


Swedish massage: A classic massage with medium pressure and long flowing movements for relaxation.

Deep tissue massage: Similar to the Swedish massage but with deeper pressure. It is a deep muscles massage with strong/ firm pressure. It is helpful for tensed and contracted areas such as stiff neck, low back tightness and sore shoulders. Some soreness may occur after the massage.

Relaxing massage: A classic massage with light pressure with long and slow flowing movements for deep relaxation. Includes aroma oils.

Pregnancy massage: It is called pre-natal massage. It relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation and mobility, reduces excess water retention, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. After the first trimester.

Reflexology: A foot massage that is based on the idea that everything is connected in the body. There are reflex points that connect to the internal organs.

Anti-Cellulite massage: Can help to reduce cellulite, fats and water retention. Improves the texture and appearance of the skin, lymphatic drainage, detoxification and blood circulation. A course of 10 sessions is recommended for a long term result.

Facial: A beauty treatment for the face which improves and refreshes the skin. It includes cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and moisture. It improves skin elasticity, firmness and muscle tone.