Practice updates

Dr Minesh Patel has finished his MSc in restorative at Manchester University. He is also one of only a few dentists in the country who has a masters degree in implantology and a masters in restorative.

Dr Sophie Ledger and Dr Lara Kriek have also both started a MSc. They also both offer a new tooth whitening system called enlighten which is the only system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1. This is currently on offer at a special price of £600 for upper and lower teeth.

Dr Rajan Prabhakar started with us in September 2015 as a VT but has recently been offered a permanent position at the practice and will pursue special training in orthodontics.

We have attracted a therapist and physiotherapist that currently works with us on Tuesdays. She offers massages, facials and waxing.

We have also recently hired a dedicated member of staff Sam, she is responsible for all legislation and CQC requirements.


Dr Minesh Patel, our principal, has been awarded the Implant course directorship at Warwick University Medical School which is part of Warwick University. This course involves teaching at the certificate, diploma and MSc level. For this reason he will be taking 1 to 2 days off a week to commit to this.

Dr. Patel has been placing implants since 1990, and also has a special interest in sinus and ridge augmentation including augmentation materials. After these 25 years in implant and advanced level of dentistry he would like to give something back to the young generation.

Minesh has a vast experience in teaching at his practice, especially as a vocational trainer for 17 years. He will also lead the surgical module at Warwick, which involves teaching on cadaver heads.

The new development at the practice is that Anna is going to undertaking a course in intravenous sedation. The practice already carries out extensive intravenous sedation and has been registered with the local health authority as a Sedation Centre.

The dentists who are qualified to practice intravenous sedation at Chrysalis include: Dr Himal Hirani, Dr Sophie Ledger and Dr. Minesh Patel.

We have also started a programme of new creditation to all policies using a system called CODE. We have recently employed a person especially responsible for the regulations into the dental practice. Her name is Bruna.

The practice has also invested in some very advanced cosmetic material called composite. These composites are extremely high in bond strength and have a super aesthetic quality. With composites we can change the shape of teeth as well as filling in gaps, bringing a perfect smile back to life. We would encourage patients to make an appointment with one of the cosmetic dentists here and they will be more than happy to undertake the consultation.